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“Love Fig® Datebook—just the information I might be interested in, without having to plow through pages and pages of what I’m not interested in—love the magazine.” – Peg G.
“Reading your new magazine! It’s beautiful.” – Julie L.
“When the Opportunity Council was in need of 30 volunteers per day to help with our county-wide Adopt-A-Pantry food drive, Fig® came to the rescue. They shared our call for volunteers and connected us with some great people! One of them has even volunteered with us nearly every day since the food drive ended!” – Jessie M.
“Having picked up my copy of Fig® at Siren Records on Saturday, I had to reach out and tell you how much I enjoyed it! It speaks to me on so many a Doylestown resident, as a commercial printer and as a ‘93 graduate of Kutztown’s CD dept...I’m fairly certain you and I shared some of the same classes! Your publication, filled with so many familiar faces, offers a chic and enlightened look into our wonderful town. The design is gorgeous and the printing is top notch! Kudos to you and your team on a job well done.” ­– Dave M.
“Just picked up my issue of Fig® at Siren Records. It is awesome! The layout and pictures really look amazing. Excellent job folks.” – Jerry W.
“Thank you for bringing such an amazing magazine to Doylestown, and I’m looking forward to meeting again.” – Rose P.
“Just got my first magazine and I instantly fell in love with it.” – Sonal S.
“My premiere issue of Fig® Doylestown arrived in the mail Saturday along with a copy of Destination Garden Spot Village, another Moxie House project. Both look awesome!” – Cathie C.
“I just wanted to reach out and let you know what a great job you have done on the spring edition of Fig® Doylestown. I work in marketing and said to my co-workers that—as nerdy as it sounds—this magazine makes me proud to be a Doylestown resident (born and raised)! It truly is a gorgeous piece and I can’t wait to delve further into it.” – Bethany P.
“I enjoyed every page with its gorgeous photos and crisp layout. You really brought these businesses and the community to life. I have thought of all the people I wanted to share this with but realized I didn’t want to part with it! I have never visited Doylestown but your publication tells a story of a can’t miss destination. I hope you branch out to tell the economic stories of other communities!” – Gina P.
“We have been residents of Doylestown area for over 36 years. Just saw your guide to ‘Good Things in Doylestown’ and found it a wonderful engaging publication that is so professionally done. Congrats for your efforts and thanks for making Doylestown look like what we know it already is...a wonderful community.” – Brian R.
“[Fig® Datebook] looks great—fresh, simple, and inviting. Articles are interesting and quick to read.” – Joy L.
“Love your new magazine. My favorite column is ‘Venturing Out’. I’d love to see a feature on the ‘Venturing Out’ blogger in your next issue. I can really relate to her so far! Great magazine!” – Mallory B.
“This is such an awesomely informative page! If it weren’t for your posting the other day I would’ve missed out on the Shiatsu School open house! So, thanks, Fig®!” – Colleen M.

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