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James Niche - The Influence

James Niche is the founder and director at ACT LIVE MUSIC, as well as the host of The Influence Mixtape Radio Show. Originally founded in Rochester, NY, James now resides in New Britain, PA. James' background in music extends 18 years with experience in artist management, promotion, branding, album design, radio, booking, recording, performing and more. He also enjoys his girlfriend's vegan baking.

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Jennifer Ashenfelter - Furry Friends

Jennifer is the Marketing Coordinator for Doylestown Veterinary Hospital & Holiday House Pet Resort. She writes original marketing content for both businesses including blog articles, e-newsletters, brochures and social media posts.  Jennifer and Dr. Laura Weis are also guest bloggers for Pet Blogs United. Personally, Jennifer contributes to the blog Off the Merry-Go-Round, a place of community and inspiration for parents who have chosen their families over full-time careers. When she’s not writing, Jennifer is a busy mom watching her boys at karate or soccer, or having fun with family and friends—including her own ‘furry friends’ Missy and Tori.

Laura Weis - Furry Friends

Dr. Laura Weis and her husband Dr. Randy Weis are the owners of Doylestown Veterinary Hospital and Holiday House Pet Resort in Doylestown. Laura is a graduate of Cornell University and the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. She started Partnership for Planned Pets in 2011 to provide medical care and foster homes for pregnant rescues referred by other organizations. Her staff also works closely with several area rescues and adoption agencies, including Lulu’s Rescue, Animal Alliance of NJ, Animal Lifeline, Bucks County SPCA and Kitty Junction. Laura has a passion for health and fitness issues and the interconnection of human and animal health. Her articles about pet nutrition, pet obesity and allergy management in pets have been published in PhillyFit magazine. Laura and Randy have three sons and their family includes two dogs, two cats, 4 goats, a flock of chickens and several colonies of honey bees.

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