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So much more than a magazine, Fig is a hyper-local, super-social communications package that reflects the soul of a city. With compelling images and stories that give both locals and visitors a true picture of community, Fig is an unabashedly positive resource that celebrates the joys of life in each distinctive Fig location.

Anchored by a printed publication with free distribution 4 times per year, each new issue of Fig features new businesses coming to town and people doing innovative things in their city, with special attention paid to those who give back and make a difference.

In addition, Fig’s acclaimed, responsively-designed web presence includes an e-zine, a stable of local bloggers, a community events calendar, maps, business pages, and an interactive portal—allowing users anywhere around the world to become a part of the Fig community.

Continuing the conversation 24/7 through social networking channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, Fig showcases local arts, dining, shopping, entertainment and learning opportunities.

Finally, Fig believes in the power of creative thinking to transform a community. By supporting local non-profit organizations that foster creativity and innovation, Fig's mission is to ultimately change the way people view a city—for good.

Why fig? A symbol of unity and sophistication, the subtleties of figs and their importance in historic cultures make fig a fitting name to showcase the new urban lifestyle.

Fig is produced by Moxie House LLC.

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